The daily maintenance of the exterior of the building is as important as the daily maintenance of the interior. Cobwebs, dust, dirt and trash can give a property a dingy and unkempt appearance that may dissuade new customers or tenants from the property.

The function of a day porter is to ensure all common areas are kept clean, and in good working order as well as alert you to any maintenance issues that may arise.

VP-Maintenance’s day porter service is offered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. During each visit, our porter will walk the property and pick up any trash that may have been blown onto the rocks, or accumulated in the corners of the parking lot or walls.

Trash that spills from the dumpster and collects around the enclosure can make an unsightly mess. Our day porter will ensure the enclosure area is free of rubbish and debris. They will also clean cobwebs from windows, walls, and light fixtures in high or low places.

Our porters are trained to keep the property clean and well-maintained to provide peace of mind, and one less hassle for owners and tenants.

  • General Cleanup Throughout Property
  • High and Low Dusting
  • Dumpster Enclosure Cleaning
  • Maintain and Empty Trash Receptacles
  • Fountain Maintenance