Bathroom Sink Drain Repair

Minor Plumbing Services

Water is precious, especially here in the desert. A leaking faucet or running toilet will not only waste gallons of water, but can also become a large financial burden.

VP-Maintenance offers a wide array of plumbing services to ensure all plumbing components are operating as designed. Though our technicians are on-call 24/7 for emergencies, we urge building owners to have regular inspections performed on the plumbing of their commercial building to prevent the costly leaks. Replacing a leaking water supply line is much easier and cheaper than replacing the waterlogged carpet in the hallway, or having mold removed from the interior walls.

While do-it-yourself is commonplace among homeowners when it comes to repairing that leaking faucet, a commercial building owner with fifteen sinks to maintain may find the task a bit more daunting. That is where VP-Maintenance comes in, from issues as small as a clogged drain to a broken water line, we have your plumbing needs covered.