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Vacant Clean Out Services 

Out with the old, and in with the new.

When a tenant moves out, they often leave the space in disarray and disrepair; requiring much more than a simple mop and broom. VP-Maintenance’s Vacant Cleanout Service offers a way for Building Owners to get the unit cleaned up and ready for a new tenant with one phone call.

Our technicians will perform a deep cleaning of the unit to ensure it is safe, and ready for the next tenant. Besides a deep cleaning, we will perform the following services, as needed:

  • LIGHTING: Whether it is replacing a burnt out bulb, or burnt out ballasts, we will ensure all lights are in good working order.
  • PLUMBING FIXTURES: We will inspect all plumbing fixtures and repair minor issues to ensure your new tenants do not have to deal with a dripping faucet or running toilet.
  • CEILING TILES: A broken or stained ceiling tile may give a prospective tenant the wrong impression about the unit or building. We will replace any stained or broken ceiling tiles.
  • DRYWALL PATCHING: Tiny holes where nails used to be are an unsightly mess. We will patch and texture all walls to make sure they are in market ready condition.
  • INTERIOR PAINTING: Whether it is touching up a small area or providing the suite with a fresh new coat of paint, we will make sure your suites painting needs are covered.

If a problem is discovered that is outside the scope of the requested service, we will contact you with a quote to ensure the repair can be performed as quickly as possible.

If you are seeking a commercial vacant cleanout out of your office space, feel free to contact us today.